Is your company professionalized?

Are the boundaries between the family and the organization clear?

Is there family harmony around the wealth?

We have developed methodologies that help Family Businesses design and

institutionalize bodies of good Corporate Governance that will make them more

efficient and effective when administering family relationships, business

competitiveness and profitability of their productive and non-productive assets,

leading to transcend to next generations.

Everything begins in the FAMILY and the business SHAREHOLDERS.


The owners, inspired by their families, give life to the company, determine the

ROI goal and establish the structure of the BOARD (Directory).


This Board develops the strategic guidelines, hires a GENERAL MANAGER

(CEO) and assigns an Executive Team to achieve goals set by the shareholders.


The following illustration is a simple example of a basic structure of Corporate Governance:

Alignment and Vision for the Family

The Family Council is by definition the most strategic corporate governance. It is in this council where the blood-related family, and other relatives meet to explore and deepen into their values, and talk about wealth 

to direct all their activities towards the path of professionalization.

Here we enter a unique process that allows shaping the Family Council, draft the Protocol and document the Family Strategic Plan.

Corporate Governance for the Business and
Wealth Managament Structure

Formed by the BOARD or ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL, is the group of people with the most authority of the organization. It should be conformed by distinct and recognized professionals representing the interests of shareholders, who establish the strategic direction of the company and make up a professional

management team, led by an excellent General Manager (CEO).

The Board leads the Strategic Plan of the Companies, the Accountability to Shareholders, the Election of CEO and Executive Team, among other vital functions.

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