In our practice we commit to the entire family, its harmony, the competitiveness

of its companies, and the care of its wealth, with the strong purpose of

transcending to the next generations.


Families are complex structures that drift between subjective and objective

currents when analyzing strategic situations, choices and decisions, which can

mark the lives of each member and every relative. 

For this reason, our approach is specialized, objective at all times, and oriented

to seeking professional excellence with family integrity.

This is why our concept is: To Be a Thriving Family.


We honor the family by implementing moral and ethical practices based on the principles of common sense. We address the family´s strategic challanges with a holistic approach. We are not complacent in the topics or negotiate values.

Family Integrity

We encourage all members to achieve their dreams and share their own sense of purpose with their family, in order to build a solid relationship that allows them to transcend their values from generation to generation.

Professional Excellence

We encourage intellectual curiosity of family members through academic practices and empirical education, based on the thriving desires of each member.

We also bet on taking the family toward defending the notion of hiring only the

best professionals for the management of their companies.

Competitive Legacy ,LLC

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