If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, we invite you to analyze the

professional profile of the executives of your  and help you empower teams that will manage and multiply your wealth.


Our escort services challenge the natural practice of family businesses that prefer relatives to competitive non-family professionals.


At Competitive Legacy LLC, we have designed specialized services that help shareholders, their families and their executive teams to maximize ROI opted to develop its Human Capital and Leadership Profiles.  

Human Capital and Leadership

What does it mean to professionalize the company?

Are family members who occupy strategic positions in the organization?

Have you not hires an excellent professional to favor a relative?

Is your company an example of productivity and professional

management, or an

emotional flurry that challenges the competitiveness of your companies? 

We use the most recognized evaluation systems in the world. Our partner, Profiles International LLC, and its pool of expert tests in the evaluation of Human Capital and Leadership Development, allow us to deepen

our methodologies designed to professionalize the team of the companies we serve.

The Executive Coaching aims at achieving a balanced and fulfilled person with a clear focus on personal and professional success. A coach helps identify and

remove obstacles and beliefs that impede the achievement of objectives.


Marilena Beuses, and her team of over 50 professionals located in 14 countries,

are the best in this field.

The Family Enterprise Leadership System© (FELS) developed by Relative Solutions LLC, provides an objective and confidential method that allows the cultivation of leadership skills of the strategic participants in family businesses.


The FELS functions as a motor that strengthens the leadership throughout the organization through systemic dynamics of the leading family and its top executives.

Between FELS and our methodology at Competitive Legacy LLC, we seek

strategic arrangements that align the family to organic

enhancement of company


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