Our Allies


At Competitive Legacy LLC we are determined to provide the best products and

services that a family business can receive. Our approach leads us to surround

ourselves with the best people, for which we decided to form strategic alliances.


The professional firms with which we partner create their own methodologies, to

the point of becoming a benchmark in the industry.

Fredda H. Brown Ph.D.

Fran Lotery Ph.D.

Founded by Fredda H. Brown and Fran Lotery, Relative Solutions LLC has over

30 years supporting the successful transcendence of the most influential family

businesses in the world.


Present in New York and Los Angeles, Brown and Lotery, w

ith their team of professionals, have been pioneers in adapting modern

knowledge to the most solid management theories.


Both within Relative Solutions LLC have created a series of tools that help identify and develop strategies to align family emotionality towards a sustainable

financial plan guided by good corporate governance bodies.


Among the most popular there is The Family Wealth Sustainability Index. This

index was documented in a book and offered to the public in 2012.


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