Our Team



We are a group of professionals and scholars of daily endeavors. We seek to materialize our intellectual affairs into useful methodologies for individuals,

families and businesses with whom we work.

We really enjoy what we do, most especially when we encounter people and families willing to challenge and improve themselves.


Dante De Lucia, MBA

De Lucia has over 13 years of experience specializing in

assistance to family



He focuses on Strategic Planning, Criteria Alignment and the Development of cores for good Corporate Governance of their wealth structures, thereby causing that families see beyond their legacy into future generations.

Ana M. Flores, Psc. 

Flores is a psychologist, certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Senior

Consultant, expert in group alignment and development of harmony of the

members in a family business.


With over 30 years of experience in the world of

individual and family therapy, she has contributed in

creating lasting bonds that

transcend over time.


Marilena Beuses, ICF

Tamara Améstica, MMC

Améstica is a Transpersonal Coach and Executive Coach certified by the School

of Transpersonal Psychology of Argentina and the International Coaching Community (ICC), respectively.


She specializes in guiding

people to rediscover

their sense of purpose and achieve their maximum potential and skills to achieve

their ideals.



Mercedes Di Vora, Ph.D.

Dr. Di Vora has been dedicated to investigate knowledge

applicable to the

development and integral strengthening of human beings.


Doctor of Education from University of Kansas,

International Consultant of

UNESCO, and researcher of the brain, its structure and

its influence on human

behavior. Dr. Di Vora published her latest book called "Brain and Something


Beuses is the founder of

4TotalSuccess Company and Executive Coach certified

by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Her experience as a senior executive in Fortune 100 allowed her to understand the dynamics of complex business environments, their underlying challenges and the different strategies that serve to empower people to achieve their personal

and professional goals, enhancing the organization to global levels.


Competitive Legacy ,LLC

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