Our Vision

We envision healthy generational transcendence of the Family Business through

exclusive methodologies that support them to achieve their goals in life.


We are motivated to research, develop and implement innovative solutions to

meet the expectations of the family group in the competitive and harmonious

development of their businesses, routing thus the importance of successful

generational values and principles.

Our Philosophy

"To Be a Thriving Family" is a philosophy that centers the person on his/her

personal growth, and his/her relationship with the family, focusing toward family

harmony, considering the growth of his/her wealth for generations to come. 


We start from the sense of purpose that each person builds in life (TO BE),

crossing this personal vision with that of the family, and reaching a shared

concept that has to transcend these legacies to future generations (A FAMILY),

all of this under a THRIVING wealth structure management.


This is why we believe in the ability of families to transcend their legacies to the

next generations. Everything starts from the same life projects of its members.

Being a thriving family means integrating the individual, the family and its assets

in a common vision within a shared project, a legacy growth with a generational

sense of transcendence.

Meet our team

Competitive Legacy ,LLC

1470 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132. USA

Contact numbers: +1 (786) 400-9381 & + 1 (786) 600-1822

Email: clegacy@c-legacy.com