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Mercedes has been researching and developing applicable knowledge on the Brain and the Neuro-psychophysiological Theory of Learning applied to the formation of the individual and his relationship with himself and his environment. 

For this, Mercedes specializes in guiding people towards these neurophysiological principles of learning to maximize and integrate their human potential as a multi-level strategy to achieve health and well-being in all its dimensions.

Among the most recurring and requested topics that she research is the Brain, its structure, functioning and its relationship with behavior, all based on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the individual.

Woth her findings, Mercedes mastered her most recent book entitled "The Brain: A Window of Infinite Opportunities (2021), PanHouse Editorial. Here she contributes with a fluent and enjoyable language that highlights the scientific clues that transcend the Brain. This new book is the update of a previous publication called "Brain and many more things (2013) IPAPADI Editorial".

Mercedes has been a UNESCO Consultant, at its Paris headquarters, for over a decade. In her professional career, she was an international guest speaker ranging from Latin America, Europe, Russia and the United States.

Mercedes obtained a Doctorate in Education from the University of Kansas in the city of Laurence (USA). She is a tenured faculty member of the University of Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela, a Senior Consultant at Competitive Legacy LLC, and an active member of the American Academy of Antiaging Society.

Today she continues to research and write about the brain’s capacity to grow interpersonal and community skills, with the intention of promoting change and transformation that allows the individual to respond to their personal and professional challenges within the framework of their humanity.

Mercedes resides in Miami, USA and at this moment accounts with 95 years of a healthy, autonomous and fulfilling life.

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